Thursday, October 8, 2015


I refuse to pretend
Just so I can save face
I am often, off with my timing
Give or take a couple of days.
I allow my words
To get away from me
Both by word of mouth
And insanely 
During all hours of endless blogging. <br>
Missed opportunities
Permanently inked into sonnets
You as the controller 
Decided to remotely keep yourself silent..
Disconnected by worry
Because you knew 
Neither one of us could go on playing.
What was no longer mere friendship 
Turned into love for one another 
You abandon me without warning
That could no longer be hidden
Always to be my never ending story
Now that I've lost you
This has me feeling more lonely
Than when I found you
Dissolving any possibility of ever
A forever you and me.
<br> -by Overland Aimiti Afo
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