Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My Exception

I didnt know I'd get knocked off
Like a demo building with falling bricks
There was no warning
That you'd swoop in to unblock
Almost every one of my defeating thoughts 
A person that instantly change my mindset 
Resetting my heart from the beginning
And now I see no room for a hopeless end.
At every corner
I only see possiblities 
I have a deeper belief in miracles
And even if you & I 
Arent meant to be.
How you have change things
Is quite alright with me.
You could very well possibly be
The answer to all my questions
The answer to my only deep seeded prayer
Dressed up as my only exception.
But only God knows for now
Until either one of us
Will fresh courage take
To address the other one
With a worthy mention.
Are we each other's exception?
Could our love possibly be friendship on fire?
You tell me or is this just us makin a mistake? <br>
By-Overland AimitiAfo
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