Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I'm not a ride or die chick
But I am a forever,loyal, I got yo'back
However we're living
Poor or rich
Im only down with you
Because you're down with me
Type of kin
Never the weakest link
In our relationship
Because I was born to be your Queen
And you were created to be my King.
On a two-way street
As equal servants to one another
Never oneside when it comes to you & me.
A two way street paved with respect, protection and professing.
That Im for you just much as you are for me.
Never transforming faces,attitudes and absolutes
Because so & so's around
We'd never allow others to disturb our chemistry!
We would never stoop to cowardice
At putting each other down
Jokingly or not
Just to please any onlooking crowd.
So NO!
Im not a ride or die chick
Im your helpmeat
Like Eve was to Adam
To stand by your side
To meet your inner battles
Or outter weathered conditions
Never to leave you in any storm
When my love is to safeguard you
Like an unbreakable umbrella
At any given cause to become alarm
I am always with you
Even when I am not with you.
So please remember I am here to help you fight through this life.
I am much more than a title holder
Given to be your lawfully and most devoted wife.
I am your eternal whole that God has prepared you to enter into eternal life with.
I am your eternal whole
Awaiting to one day reunite with your eternal whole.
Me for you just as much as you'll be for me
I am not a ride or die chick
I am your Queen 👑
-By OverlandAimitiAfo
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