Thursday, October 8, 2015


I refuse to pretend
Just so I can save face
I am often, off with my timing
Give or take a couple of days.
I allow my words
To get away from me
Both by word of mouth
And insanely 
During all hours of endless blogging. <br>
Missed opportunities
Permanently inked into sonnets
You as the controller 
Decided to remotely keep yourself silent..
Disconnected by worry
Because you knew 
Neither one of us could go on playing.
What was no longer mere friendship 
Turned into love for one another 
You abandon me without warning
That could no longer be hidden
Always to be my never ending story
Now that I've lost you
This has me feeling more lonely
Than when I found you
Dissolving any possibility of ever
A forever you and me.
<br> -by Overland Aimiti Afo
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I didnt want to make the same mistakes with you
But unfortunately, I did.
And now there's no going back
When silence rules your voice
And you refuse to speak on how you feel.
Leaving me in the dark
In that would be for my best
But all it's proven
Day in & day out
You're game isnt any different from the rest.
You're silence was for you
 Never was it for my best.
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Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I offer to let go of my grudges
I surrender to be peaceable
Though I feel that I am right
And they are wrong
I choose the greater good in this situation
And pledge to follow God. <br>
No matter how heavy my trials
No matter how lonely the road
I volunteer myself as tribute 
Because I am his disciple 
To guide every one of his sheep back
Until their in his presence 
In his arms safe and sound 
Always to remember how much they are loved
Because not one can the good shepherd
Ever forget
Not one could he forsake for this evil world.
By Overland Aimiti Afo
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My Exception

I didnt know I'd get knocked off
Like a demo building with falling bricks
There was no warning
That you'd swoop in to unblock
Almost every one of my defeating thoughts 
A person that instantly change my mindset 
Resetting my heart from the beginning
And now I see no room for a hopeless end.
At every corner
I only see possiblities 
I have a deeper belief in miracles
And even if you & I 
Arent meant to be.
How you have change things
Is quite alright with me.
You could very well possibly be
The answer to all my questions
The answer to my only deep seeded prayer
Dressed up as my only exception.
But only God knows for now
Until either one of us
Will fresh courage take
To address the other one
With a worthy mention.
Are we each other's exception?
Could our love possibly be friendship on fire?
You tell me or is this just us makin a mistake? <br>
By-Overland AimitiAfo
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They call me beautiful
But I dont always feel it.
Not because of them necessarily
But because Im not readily listening.
I'd rather be hearing those words from him.
Him in whom we havent needed to speak of as of lately.
Him in whom my heart has naturally spoken to in ease
When all else tended to feel so hectic.
He is the beautiful one
Body,Mind and Spirit
He is the one who should be paid
All of these heartfelt compliments.
Him is whom my heart says is beautiful.
Hoping soon enough its my voice 
He hears speaking it.
-By Overland Aimiti Afo
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I'm not a ride or die chick
But I am a forever,loyal, I got yo'back
However we're living
Poor or rich
Im only down with you
Because you're down with me
Type of kin
Never the weakest link
In our relationship
Because I was born to be your Queen
And you were created to be my King.
On a two-way street
As equal servants to one another
Never oneside when it comes to you & me.
A two way street paved with respect, protection and professing.
That Im for you just much as you are for me.
Never transforming faces,attitudes and absolutes
Because so & so's around
We'd never allow others to disturb our chemistry!
We would never stoop to cowardice
At putting each other down
Jokingly or not
Just to please any onlooking crowd.
So NO!
Im not a ride or die chick
Im your helpmeat
Like Eve was to Adam
To stand by your side
To meet your inner battles
Or outter weathered conditions
Never to leave you in any storm
When my love is to safeguard you
Like an unbreakable umbrella
At any given cause to become alarm
I am always with you
Even when I am not with you.
So please remember I am here to help you fight through this life.
I am much more than a title holder
Given to be your lawfully and most devoted wife.
I am your eternal whole that God has prepared you to enter into eternal life with.
I am your eternal whole
Awaiting to one day reunite with your eternal whole.
Me for you just as much as you'll be for me
I am not a ride or die chick
I am your Queen 👑
-By OverlandAimitiAfo
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My Friend

You are who I obey
When obedience is required
You are who I look for
When life has me wired.
And when my tests have lifted
I praise you 
Because without you
I would've never gotten through them.
You mean more to me than I can say
You're not just my friend or my brother.
You are my incredible Savior
The one I will always love and look up to everyday!
-By Overland Aimiti Afo
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My eyes cant cover up whats in my heart
When your voice vibrates life into my soul
Rapidly deteriorating the pain from my deep tissued scars
Every inch healed by your words
Due to the man that you are becoming
Which from the rest of the pack
Is what sets you very much apart
And away from you, yet I still find myself  running.
All because I feel I love you
An emotion that I didnt expect
This encounter wasnt our first
Neither do I wish it to be our last.
But sometimes what feels so right
in the moment
Has to be delayed for a season
Until you are ready to fully receive me.
My feelings are obligated to remain in this foolish place of hiding.
-By Overland Aimiti Afo
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