Saturday, June 22, 2013


I can't promise you too much
Because there is always a possibility
I could break my promises.
Not because I would want to
But because naturally, I'm human.
And the natural man or woman
Tends to become selfish.
So I have to be upfront
Now rather than later.
So you are clear of exactly
What your getting yourself into
And if I'm even a person you'd be considering.
Considering to walk with you in the daylight
Protect you by faith in the night time.
The one you couldn't go a second without
But because we differ in schedules
To a certain amount
You'd make a few exceptions.
Unwritten rules across our invisible walls
No doubts could hinder our affections.
Because by then
After all of our back & forth
exchanged messages,
Eventual speaking over the phone
Creating a desire for face to face

You will catch a testament
That I might not always keep my promises
And I might not always trust my feelings
About you..
But when I do
Because I will
We'll remember why we started this
You will remind me of your testament
Because we'd work it out
To help each other keep our promises. 
-By Overland Afo
This piece was literally put together in five minutes. I've never freestyle rapped before but I have come up with pieces in less then ten minutes. And usually it's because I'm hurt, stressed out or angry. And my best pieces have come out when I am angry.. sad but true and though I wish that was the case. I am so grateful for those moments. Because I feel connected to God & feel he's healing my heart while he sends his words through my head fast & deliberately. Like he did in this piece. Man, I swear if I had my own laptop I would never leave my room & just write all day. Anyway enjoy & don't forget. Inspire others so they can pay it forward.

Living Waters

Living waters
Your depth does fill my heart
That when you scope
At the weight of my pool
Your able to see inside me
Right before I begin to drown.
My gasping for breathes
Desperately reaching for your air.
Over and above life's troubling waters
Uncertain if your really there.
I panic..
And then I am silenced by your voice
Fear not!
You say;
For I am with thee
Be not dismayed.
For I am your God
I will strengthen thee;
Yea I will help thee
Yea I will uphold thee;
With the right hand of my righteousness.
And then sprinkles of your waters flow
And I am washed
Cleansed from head to toe.
Given a fresh new start
Through your Living Waters
Thank you for guarding & saving my heart.
-By OverlandAfo
I had a few experiences inspire this piece. In my past writings I've struggled with starting, keeping to topic in the middle of my writings & then ending. Im long winded & yet w/these struggles I still am passionate about writing. So the topic of my baptism got my wheels turning, then the drive of expressing how it feels to be a christian moved this vehical of my thoughts, Iyerize's video posted here gave me the signs to keep my words simple but powerful, The Movie Freedom Writers that im watching gave my words emotion, prayer & scriptures help me end this poem. Im so grateful & hope this poem brings you closer to God & his love..

Friday, June 21, 2013

Keep Up

Keep up the beat
  Don't lose your rhythm
Keep up the beat
Don't lose your rhythm.
I wanna speak
I need to speak
Over all I've weathered
Round & Round
Where my heart once use to tatter & tether
Living up to becoming
A typical, malicious man hater.
Keep up with the beat, Don't lose your rhythm
Keep up with the beat, Don't lose your rhythm.
And than it happened
My first heartbreak...
Then my second one and then a third
my fourth wasn't any lighter
I couldn't believe this was happening
The more I sulked over and over again
It kept happening...
Was it ever gonna end?
Keep up with the beat, Don't lose your rhythm
Keep up with the beat, Don't lose your rhythm.

I was getting clipped off so often
I felt like I was traded
Like some rundown M.V.P
That the crowd no longer wanted.
Up until I heard your words
 faintly drift from out of your voice.
Your God given talent
Assured that all along
 I kept up with the beat
Confirming that I never lost my rhythm.
By Overland Afo
Next few poems are inspired by IyeRize & his music.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

In Time

IyeRize to shed off old sins
Like unwanted dead skin
Daily I armor myself with the word of God
I fight the good fight
Moreover with my inner faith
Than merely by a typical solider's sight.
And with each battle's run
And with each borrowed breathe
I know my life is not my own
Indebted to my Savior's death.
Uncomprehending of that pain and unknown strife
It makes no sense to waste his gift
Especially in this probationary life.
So IyeRize daily in his light
No matter the storm or the tears I cry
IyeRize undefeated because of his atoning love
No longer will I fear shedding off my sins
When I know, renewed in the body of Christ
He is lovingly guiding me back to our Heavenly Home
A more kept promise for me 
Until together we are fully covered in Christ name.
  For us I will always continue to faithfully rize.
-By Overland Afo
This poem was inspired for my love of writing. Fueled by
the amazing & talented Sivasa "IyeRize" Laupati's
testimony & music.