Thursday, March 7, 2013


Searching for joy, for happiness..
Like the treasure hunt without a map
We start on course, to discover the map

as we course through the hunt
For the map is one of discovery and what we all find..

Is that in fact the hunt.. is the real treasure.
Happiness being the treasure in which we seek
Can only be found on the journey in which we seek it
But not objectively shall it be sought
But sought for through lifestyle and optimism
Happiness eludes those who seek it with there hands and not there hearts.
And where my heart is found, there lays my treasure
Timeless joy that exceeds all measure
Measure of distance it took to obtain,
Length of time that had me waiting
But never in bitter shame or scandolus vain.
Only to excitingly exclaim
I have now found my happiness!
In the journey there laid my treasure
Encompassed by our voyage 
I never imagine love would be found here
Within you, my traveling companion,
Because of someone else's foolish end
We are now able to live out many more
New Beginnings
A search that evovled from being friends..

By Overland Afo & John Siafega
(April 12,2012)

So I really wanted to publish this the day that John & I wrote it. Which was April 2012 but as I was preparing to post it. The date March 7,2013 kept coming to my mind should be the date to publish. And you all know how impatient I can be or has been in the past. But when the spirit over rides my desires. Those are the only instances that I listen.

So I don't know the "why's" I had to wait. I assumed that it had to place on hold because it would mean more to John or I or anyone else that would come across this particular poem. And if that is the case than the waiting will have been worth it, for an impatient soul like me.
However if it was just a test of obedience for me & the way the spirit communicates with me. Than I pray I passed with flying colors. I hope you all have received what your searching for in your lives.
Alofa tele O