Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Lord, My Friend

I know the Lord he loves me 
I know his voice and 

his truth 
I found my answers in his word 
I lost it when I lost you 

I can't move on 
I can't fight forward 
And when I try and fail 
I give up all too soon 
I give up on my Lord & Savior. 

Why can't you save me Lord? 
Why won't you take away this pain? 
Do you really love me like I feel you do? 
Do you even still remember my name? 

Maybe I don't know you as well as I thought 
Maybe this fight for righteousness is all a fluke 
But as much as I want to stay away from you 
My heart continues to yearn for what you would have me to do? 

Take my broken heart 
Into your hands and heal my angered soul 
Take my tormented spirit 
Please my Lord and won't you make it whole? 
I know you love me Lord 
I know because I've heard your voice 
Your truth is my needs answered 
Your truth makes up all the difference 
That I can no longer try to avoid. 

I've found your word again 
And feel your healing hands 
And now I covenant to give my all 
Byway of my heart,might,mind and strength. 

I know my Lord loves me 
I know him because he lives within my soul 
My one and only trusted friend 
Has now arrived, 
And again has made 
Me completely whole..

By Overland Afo 

So I wrote this on Oct 25,2012 inspired by a dear friend & just conversations I've had recently with different people. Kind of long but you know me