Monday, July 23, 2012

Change is A Must

Who needs a devil if you can self-destruct <<<<< what a tight line.. Love these poets..

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lets Try

What scares me to death
Will be words I'll leave unsaid
That you'll be gone too soon
Before I can express what's due
What I've always felt for you
That scares me to death
If the unsaid remains in my head
Instead of flowing out to catch you
Before you never return
Please don't leave..

Can you hear me through our silence?
Can you feel my gaze through your built up walls?
I didn't mean to sound so malice
Can you possibly know what's on my mind?
I want so much from you
And that's what scares me to death
I don't want that to chase you away
Babe we're in this together
Let me into your heart again
I will help you through your fears
Talk to me
Please don't leave like this
When you know you should stay...

We vowed to always be there for each other
So let me take care of you
Let's try as many times as it takes
I'm not ready to give up
Not on the only person I have ever loved
Or will love, let's try again
Let's get back to being madly in love with one another..

                              ~ By Overland Afo~
                                July 12,2012 @ Home

Inspired by the many crushes I've had in the past & the meaning of comittment & love in how I see it.