Friday, March 30, 2012


"Shot callah got potential/Memories stemming from last april/God fearing ballah/Split to fit an all-starr season/Testing each other's endurance/Individually rebounding, what was then once unnecessary and now is vividly needed/Up to the brightest light/I'll sustain him above what I want/And hold him down from a distance./Til its safe to say he's back,willing to give me an equally yoked kind of affection/Investing my best because he's a male version of the strongest core of me/Though we're miles apart by land & soon by majestic seas./I know when the time is right/If what we shared in one night/Was a step towards our eternity/Then all the sacrifice of waiting, wasn't in vain/Because I choose him from the beginning/Faithful that a shot callah, could turn into thee God-fearing man that he is/For himself and not for me/In order that eternally if were meant to be/We will be.."

-Overland Afo

Inspired by freeing someone I love dearly and am grateful for the lessons we taught each other.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Caged Up Heart

I stepped up without thinking things through/Believing I was someone acting with courage/A loyal heart that could win you over/Saving you from the winds of pain/Changing your thoughts that all females breathe the same/But I lost that chance/ To your caged up heart/Your insecure ego eats at you 24-7/ So you resolve to pass up real love/Once was a loving giver now turned corrupted taker/ Refusing too get close, ever again/Settling for loneliness/Preventing your heart to fall, deeply in love for an old friend/And still you don't know why// The pain it caused every time u pass me by// I see it in ur eyes..the trust we had that turned in to lies// Our friendship weakened at the whisper of my name//But my heart won't let me feel a bit of shame// I... took the chance, stepped up to the plate and kept my stance// Left it up to you..put my heart in ur hands// the sound of silence//A fist was tighten..but i result to no violence// And to think you were man enough for me// You'll never be man enough to see..i'm all the woman you will ever need!!

By Overland Afo & Tati Skipps

This was inspired by favorite poets I read up on & left it as a facebook status. Then my best friend tati added the second half which was icing on a crumbling Love writing from inspiration than having ppl add on or me adding on to their posts.. The cycle is non-stop.. :) enjoy the jam

Saturday, March 17, 2012


One day I will get to ride an air balloon
Overlands I can't wait to fly over :0)

I don't feel free
I feel trapped
I'm out of words,
Words recycled
Saying the same things
Just in a different order.
An order I can't fill
When I want to be real
And no one will listen
Because over my voice
Their all free pissing on it.
Because of their fears
My good intentions are miscommunicated
I don't understand the why's anymore.

Why am I fighting for them?
Why do I care so much?
Why won't he love me like I love him?
Why is she such a pushover?
I don't understand the why's anymore.
And I'm at a breaking point
Discovering my heart really doesn't care, no mo'
Over my words their piss remains
And no one even acknowledges anything!
Why am I still here?
I guess why won't matter once I'm gone..

-Overland Afo

This piece was inspired by my wondering why about certain things. And coming to a conclusion that the "why's" of life can really mess someone up. So it's smart if you ask "why" all the time to be willing to listen to the answer then move on & the answer never comes. That's a sign keep moving forward..

So Easy

When love beckons to you. Follow him.
Though his ways may be hard and steep.
And when his wings enfold you, yield to him.
Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you.
And when he speaks to you, believe in him.
Though his voice may shatter your dreams, as the North winds lay waste to the gardens.
For even as love crowns you, so shall he crucify you.
Even as he is for your growth, so is he for your pruning.
Even as he ascends to your height and caresses your tenderest branches that quiver in the sun.
So shall he descend to your roots and shake them in their clinging to the earth.

-Khalil Gibran


Full of the measureless tides within the ocean of my black emotion, as waves of anger course through the seas of my veins, bound to the boundless energy that binds my minds intent, followed and swallowed in the gallows of my thoughts, where one never intends, but seems to lose his head.. I fight myself. For the good of myself, I try to contain myself, the humanity within me won't allow me to lose myself. Though battles like these I win most often, the war itself has yet to be won. Boiled over blackness, as thick as molasses, slowly gathers around the rim of sanity, ready to boil over...

(My Add On)
I cry but I can't be heard masked by my outter smiles, I motion upward but get pressed down by tribulation, tortured to my bones
I fight to rise but I can't get up
At least not yet that is!
 So I inhale strength and I exhale hate,
I let go of my planned out path 
And  follow an inner voice of love..
I'm beginning to see my way,
Inch by inch of my broken heart,
I'm witnessing a possible escape.
Glorious light peaks over the fog of fear,
Glorious music springing forth,
I'm smiling ear to ear & I feel like I'm saved..
Saved for this miraculous moment. I've made it!
To the top of this most trying mountain.
My war is over and my tears of joy fall freely.
I've made it to the top of my course!
I am no longer LOST, my redemption is here!
And because of him, I will walk forward
I honor him because accepts me for me
Despite all of my anger and unnecessary fears.

The first poem was posted on my friend John Siafega's fb which I thought he wrote but he didn't. Less than 24hrs later he posted the second poem. Which I assume he wrote & until he corrects me than we'll just give him the credit. Like past postings from John he makes it easy to write. So I added on to the second one. Whether or not he wrote it isn't a concern. But I am grateful because I'm able to get challenged to write my in depth & less bubble gum kine of writing.. Thanks John :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

No More

The jesus in me loves you
But I don't know why. I speak overwhelming thoughts
And words that scribble my actions
Often has me looking like a fool
As if I'm out of my mind.
What should've started off simple
Turned complicated without warning
What should've kept you close
Has you distancing yourself
Why was I so quick to be so corny?
I sunk this ship before leaving the dock
I didn't know doing the most
Would have me defeated and lost.
I know better now
I know better than anyone else
Treating love with honest intent
Is always the easier route
No matter what anyone thinks
I'm  so sorry.

-Overland Afo
Piece was inspired by my conversation with my sister Tirae Scott

Friday, March 9, 2012

Maka Aiga

Faith Quote

Eyes of strength
Determination and poise
Eyes of experiences
Whose lived out years
Happily through strife and fearful noise.
A face of boldness, to battle any wrong
Unwilling to accept ill speaking
Over anyone that she loved.
Selfless angel from birth to death
If the Lord wants me
Were her words
So she willingly submit.
But her heart long to stay
She didn't want to go
Her first breathe that birth her daughter
Would be the last one she'd give at death.
Eyes of a kindred spirit
Who lived her life in the service of God,
O le Maka Aiga lives through Katelin
Who'll follow her mother's footsteps
Til we all meet again in heaven
We'll forever miss your smiles Tua
But we'll remember your Christlike examples.

-Overland Afo

Piece written for the example & love Tualii Enosa has left behind. Remembering Tuau today & hoping she's doing her missionary work on him..

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Inactive heart lets put you out,
Store you tight and safe on layway
Over the top shelf, sealed and locked
So you don't go away.
I'm sorry to say
You've had your time to shine
I gotta pull you from the floor
Customers are no longer interested
Lights out!
Your value has decreased
This is no longer a place, you can call home.
Inactive heart your time has passed
Over the top shelf, sealed and locked
Away you go
There's no more room here
Your no longer welcome to this floor.
-Overland Afo

Piece inspired by how we allow our hearts to go inactive & fall out when we dont
put ourselves out & date, express desires of wanting to date & date with a purpose.
That if we stand still and don't take action our hearts pay the ulitimate price.Then that's when
you probably should just store it away.

Brighter Days

Brighter Days are coming
Life's journey made of  days
That ask us to be strong
To bravely stand and face the world.
When everything goes wrong
Life demands our smiles and tears
Our willingness to try
To risk beyond the darkest cloud
As if to touch the sky
For brighter days are just ahead
Life's journey moves along
And once again the day is glad
Oh listen to it's song.

-Beverly Kaye

This piece was in a card that I loved & thought I'd keep.
Keep believing better, brighter days really are coming no matter how difficult the circumstance, trial or day.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Over the cold back burner,
She left her heart behind
As winter's chill took over,
She vowed never to reheat
Turn on or start again
The fire that went out
Years and years prior.

And without a hint of regard
He entered without a word,
Turning the tempture up
He was determined to relight her fire.
Proud as ever she fought & fussed
Demanding him to immediately get out!
But with a stern type of gentleness, He declined..
Took her by the arm
Without muscling her around
These are the words he uttered
From heart to heart
He spoke to her spirit..

I know he hurted you
He made you cry
He used you up
And left you behind to die
A physical death
But you survived
A spiritual death
You didn't give into his uselessness

And so I'm here now
I'm not like those other men!
I'm here for you,
I will walk with you like a friend,
Protect you like a hero
Profess that I love you so much
Not even the bands of death 
Could separate the two of us!
Heavenly veils neither could constrain our love!
I'm here now, not to save you
I'm here because your the hero
That rebirth the love I lost
Years and years ago this day!
Your the hero, that has fullfilled my prayers!

-Overland Afo

Piece inspired by the thoughts of what deep love must feel like or should feel like :)


Are you a user or a giver?
Do you take without thanking?
While in the service of others,
Are you truly grateful for opportunities?
Or are you seeking an opportunity to be thanked?
Are you a taker or a giver?

Masking all the hate inside
A wolf in sheep's clothing
Your heart decaying, from time to time.
What are you?
A friend or foe
Do you even know?
Disconnected for no real good reason
Come back to life
He'll restore your soul
You who feel unneeded
He will make you whole.

-Overland Afo

Piece inspired by people who don't allow themselves healing. People who distance themselves and are anti-social because they don't feel needed. When in reality if they would get involved with their community & people. They would see that would improve the quality of their lives, broken hearts and void of loneliness. This is a piece for those who feel unneeded.


I don't write like I use to
I don't feel like I once did
And when I climb forward
I sometimes feel like I'm slipping
Because my passion is dying
I'm not like how I once was
My life feels like a lie
And so I don't write like I use to..

I'm not depressed!
I'm not,
I'm not lost!
Actually I know exactly, where I'm at,
But when it comes to you
Yeah I get a little upset
Okay maybe alot!
Lol if you want
Even the toughest of gangstahs would
If they caught this drama,
When it comes to a possible "us!"
Who wouldn't?
All I'm really saying is I feel blocked.

Starting from your thoughts
To your actions
What you think about what I'm thinking,
Can't even decern your motions
And so I stand stuck!
Stuck in my shoes
Movement is still
And I'm just here..
No longer where we started
Barely moving forward
I'm just here
Stuck in my thoughts of you
I'm not like myself
I'm not at all like what I'm use to...

-Overland Afo

Piece inspired by a constant need to want to make progress & feeling that your not. When in reality you are or the person is making progress. They just don't see it because they don't have what their wanting & God's actually giving them something else a better gift..

Friday, March 2, 2012

My Sunshine

You are my sunshine in the morning

and my northern star at night.

You’re the clouds that give me warning

when the storm is out of sight.

You are water when my well runs dry,

a breath of clean, fresh air.

You’re the castle in my star-crossed sky,

a blessing and a prayer.

If an ill wind blows my boat too far,

I set my sails for you.

In the dawn of each new day, you are

the sweet, distilling dew.

Every load I bear is lighter

as you lend your strength to mine.

Every song I sing is brighter

when our voices intertwine.

Your music lifts me, fills me up.

My heart stands all amazed.

I honor you; I raise my cup;

I drink you in, quite dazed.

You are my one and only love,

Prince Charming plus; it’s true…

The King of All Clich├ęs, because

I can’t find words for you.
©2011 Susan Noyes Anderson
This piece was discovered on a new blogger's blog I'm following.. Enjoy

Carl the Failure

Your perception on what words mean & how it can either stop or drive you to doing or not doing something.


It's true, I'm here to stay
Why is that so hard to believe?
I know promises scare you
And your leary, of giving  your name away.
But until your convinced
I'm here to stay,
I'm not gonna go anywhere.
I'm not a fair weather friend
That will leave you at the alter
I'm here for you, for all time & eternity
I know how to control my impulses.
Believe me when I say
I'm here for you
No other place would I rather be.
I'm neither here to frighten you
Or have you fear me
But you gotta know I'm here to stay..

-Overland Afo

More speed writing attached with a funny story. So this jam attached to this blog was the song played at my sister Cassie Afo Paialii's wedding. We arrived into Missouri & I just got off my mission. There was a ton of people in her line. So I wasn't in the bridal party originally which was fine. (at least at the moment, that's what I kept saying)lol But Heavenly Father has a funny way of making me laugh. So the day before the wedding one of the girls couldn't make it. So my auntie Siomia asked me to fill in & I was more than happy to do so because I love my sister.  Anyway the guys in the line were one kind of special to say the least. My sister teuila's partner thought he was funny & as he escorted her to the stage. From the back of her as she stepped up he makes a farting noise. Thinking it was hilarious & then my partner thought he was mister macho.. Saying things like "Now this is how we do it blah blah blah yadayada.." Directing me like I was a cast member off of one them country flicks. When the slave says "Nah Mastah where should I fetch some watah?" yada yada was all I heard as this macho man was trying to pull rank. Anyway fast forward to the wedding reception during my younger single

There was chaos of what song was to be sung as we were to walk out on. Then finally things settled & the beat hit & I ended up walking towards a beautiful man that wasn't my partner. And the feel was so surreal for a few reasons. This man was a gentleman when we finally met at the middle, he was sure of himself & he treated me like a princess. And at one point when we first latched arms together he said "Umm I wasn't suppose to be your partner, my badd." And I said "Oh it's all good I'm glad you are unless you mind." Him "Nope I'm coo." and we went about our business & got our walk on emulating a manner of a real man.. Second reason for the surreal moment was when it was over & my orignial partner came back & I had to walk with him. He goes "What happened?" Me; "What? My cousin said go with whoever & I did & you weren't there. Himz; "Ahhh aight aight I see how it is we coo."  Well because the foo thought I did it on purpose. When we were introduced to the wedding party he didn't come down. And I had to walk out by myself which was fine. Cause my first partner showed me what an A&#@ his cousin was for leaving me hanging twice.

Point is that in love or in the search for love. People will leave you hanging, disappoint you & make you feel like your alone. But if you hang in there, keep the beat & walk towards your version of my "Charles" in your own lives. The right one will come along humble,willing & have you feeling surreal for a long time. And then you will be aware of just how blessed you are that you didn't give up on love. Did charles & I ever hook up? Nope unfortunately he was taken & is married. But he sure did set the signs of how to tell the difference between a man & a lil boy... And it was worth just having that one moment. :)