Wednesday, February 29, 2012


You might not get it today
But one day you will
You might not want to know
But most likely you already do,
It maybe better left unsaid
Til love by the creek will freely flow.
When we can finally get it right
Maybe then you'll know
But then again you might not,
Til I'm far away and gone
The sent of my heart will show
Your presence was needed
More than you could've ever known.
You might not ever get today
But at least what I always knew
One day for yourself, you'll come to know.

-Overland Afo

Inspired by speed writing & pumping out as many poems without thinking to hard about getting it perfect.


Nevermind the weekend get aways
Moments on the beach
By candle lit dinners,
You whining and dining
Out to leave me speechless
I don't want it!
I don't need the title!
Baby boo, baby baby, my future wifey
I ain't in it for the claiming
I ain't with you to be famous!
I don't want it!
Together is what I want to be
Working side by side
Not you behind
Or me in front,
I want to walk together
Uplifting each other
I don't need anyone to see!
All I want is what you want
To feel valued, sharing a companionship
Uncomparable to any other
That's what I'm willing to give
That's what I want you to be
I'm not after you to be a title..

-Overland Afo

This piece was inspired by a conversation I had with my sister Sana Finau. While she was explaining how she feels about men & women when it comes to love.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fresh Fight

In the Arena
It is not the critic who counts;
not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles,
or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.
The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena,
whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood;
who strives valiantly;
who errs,
comes up short again and again,
because there is no effort without error and shortcoming;
but who does actually strive to do the deeds;
who knows the great enthusiasms,
the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause;
who at the best knows in the end
the triumph of high achievement,
and who at the worst, if he fails,
at least fails while daring greatly,
so that his place shall never be with those
cold and timid souls
who neither know victory nor defeat.
Theodore Roosevelt

This piece is inspired by one of my favorite movies "A mother's Courage". The story of Isaiah Thomas one of my favorite basketball teams and how his mom never gave up on him & his family. Noting that greatness can be found anywhere.

Rent or Leasing?

One of my favorite poets from Passion 4 Christ Ministry.. These poets are deep & I just hope to one day be as moving as them. Love it! Introducing Eric Vaughn my inspiration for sure. :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Eternal Love

I've decided to disclose "Susie's" real name in this blog. To pay true tribute for a woman, I only knew for a split second. And yet yesterday at her funeral services I witnessed so many things about womanhood. That hiding her name, to me feels like I'm hiding who she is,was and can be to you all. Since you don't know her either. Well that person  that I met through Samoana Matagi who  was suffering from breast cancer & exactly a week ago today she passed away. Her name is Tu'uali'i Faleafaga Enosa survived by her daughter Katelin & husband Papu Enosa.
That's her and Katelin in that lovely photo. Like I said I was able to attend her services. As I sat to listen to all the testimonies born about her life through family & friends. Through each one of them, it was evident that who I met 12 days ago. Was exactly who Tua was in healtier days prior. A loving, fun, giving, compassionate, bold, service oriented, Christlike daughter of God. Everything was given from her heart merely to uplift all that came in contact with her. The entire meeting I kept thinking, "Man I wish I could've known her" followed by an instant "But man am I happy I got to serve her at least once before her passing." And hear her whisper back to me; "Love you too" The only time I would hear her speak as we said our goodbyes that first visit and to find out that following Sunday she had passed away. A choice spirit she is and the impact she's left with me, will never be forgotten. ;)

As the services ended  one of the Bishops shared a letter Tua wrote to her family. As the pianist played "Families can be together forever" her testimony replaced the lyrics. And there were no fighting back the tears. I felt her plea to a struggling spouse to seal her to them. Especially because Katelin is her only child, I felt the burning testimony of a convert that didn't know how to quit on God no matter the struggle, I witnessed that she truly knew the power of the Atonement. Not only did it heal her physically but everything else. Because of Tua I know even more fully, what it means to be a true disciple of Christ. And nothing else matters at the end but that we love,forgive and fight the good fight & don't give up. This taking a whole new meaning in me. Eternal Love is about families being together forever.. Forever grateful for her amazing,enduring love & heart.

Friday, February 24, 2012

You Will Know

I'm not incomplete without you
Why? Well because you are not God
I'm no longer mourning your delay
Why? Because I see who I am without you
I'm discovering the true meaning and power of God.

I don't need you like I use too
But I do know I need you,
Not out of loneliness, like I use too
No more feeling, like a love sick teenager.
I'm chucking my training wheels
And am ready to love you like I'm suppose too.

I've made plans to be ready for you
For quiet sometime now
Like a grown woman should.
Ready to shower you with trust
Caress your pride with loyalty
Stroking your doubts down with lasting faith
I'll make sure to deliver what I promise
Never loving or not loving you by what people say.
My days are better since you've come my way.

And all I wish for is that you become a believer
That real love still exist
The case is I don't need you like I use too
But I sure do know that without you
I remain the same love sick teenager
Outgrowing her aging training wheels.
I know I need you for different reasons
I need you because of love..

-Overland Afo

This piece was inspired by the time it takes ppl to wait on love & for ppl who have it the effect they cause by withholding their wanted love.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Won't you just Smile?

Smile because the day is spent
Smile because you deserve to for today is here
And new beginnings are at your hands,
Smile because you've conqueored your quest
Smile because when you smile
Everyone else is inspired to give their best.

Your smile is what does it
Encourages and builds
And when appreciated
The world tends to smile back
Because you choose to smile with hope
The service you provide and give
Never out of obligation but smile because you can.

-Overland Afo

Piece is inspired by taking trials and no matter how hard keep smiling. Because attitude is everything.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Free Your Mind

This piece re-inspired me not to be ignorant through race. Love sees no color. True love is about acceptance..


I can't hear anything
I can only see forward
Going backwards isn't in me.
But I need a focus
I need a purpose to remain
Not in a presence
To see the present.
I need not to just hear a voice
I'm waiting to listen for THE VOICE
That sangs, my child come here
Move forward just a little closer .

Father God I can't hear
I can't even speak in tongues,
I seek your Holy Spirit, constantly
But before I know it,
I've ruined your hard work
You've ever handed to me
There's no way that I could be the one.
Father God I just can't, I'm too broken
How is it that I could be your angel?

-Overland Afo

Inspired by coping with pain

Friday, February 17, 2012


Left without notice
Won't leave a forwarding
Number, email or address?!
Left for your own reasons
Telling everyone else but me
A mystery I can't solve.
Your distance inflicts covered up pain
Leaves me to wonder
How did two friends end up this way?

-Overland Afo

This piece is inspired by the reality of letting go when it's necessary. 
Enjoy this passionate poet, exactly what I needed "knock knock, a better friend I will be today for the ones who I lost yesterday, knock knock."

One Time

One minute of peace
For my mind to uncease
The retold story
I can't control.
Recirculating love migraines
Headed south flatlining 
Just doing the most
Spiritually outsourced
How will I cope?..
Set to regive on the morrow
Split from on how far I'll go
A woman on a ledge
Pleading innoncence
Seeking for just one minute of peace..

-Overland Afo

Inspired by God..

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It Matters

I define my love for me!
Not just for you! 
I say what I feel
Against popular acceptance
Not to get confused
Of exactly what I will and will not do.
I don't lower my standards, presently
When my past, almost destroyed my innocence.

Remembering boys, who thought they were men
Tryna perform grown up acts
Off of ungodly lines, to warm up self-absorbing sins.
With their insensitve horomones,
Floating fantazies, easily explored
Through their immature  minds.
They didn't care to follow Christ in private
For that moment, to satisfy their bodies
His light can't be found
It loses it's light in them
They have forgotten him
So they don't think of me 
Out to use me
As their objective temporary pleasantries.
The winds then change me..

Good thing I had enough sense
Not only to remember Christ, as my mentor
And that I was and am a walking temple.
What I discovered in the dark
About these boys, was their not of necessity
That eventually my real man
Wouldn't be too long in arriving
He'd untwist infatuation
Never misthinking what I am!
Three times a lady, equal to him.
My real man would appreciate my purity
And erase my disheartening history
I know he's coming..

Overshawdowing the definition
Of boys will be boys..
Erasing what I've dealt with
Senerios like this;
You thought what?
And that I'd go how far?
Whenever,where ever and how ever
Is how you thought you get alll this!
Errrrrrr homie, take me home!
Ahh nah! Where you going? ah,ah!
My affections, weren't an open invitation
Through my clothes or into my house!
I ain't no sleep around hoe!
Hinting escort, me up to my door
And we can fool around
  You gotta be kidding!
Am I starring in Punk'd!?
Cause again I'm no hoe and that' s not how I get down.

Real love isnt meant to be trampled over
And when the curtains close.
And the shows all done
All who will matter
Will be the lover,who stood with you
From the beginning to the end
The one who defines love for  her
And no one else.
Friendship on fire, how true lovers start out
The only route that counts, the only one that matters!
-Overland Afo

This piece was inspired by my love for words

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine

In the silence of my heart
I am an insomniac
Insane about where you are
When you'll arrive
Loss of focus, with every efforted try.

To keep more happiness active
Postponing lonely griefs
Though I'm an insomniac, sleep walking
I speak to you, through my prayers
Not my dreams, is where I ask God
To allow us to often meet .

Through my prayers not my dreams

Because of my prayers, so it seems
One day soon, God willingly
My long distance Valentine
We will meet, I just know we will!
-Overland Afo

Piece inspired byt the fact that Valentines day is suppose to be a Happy Day. Whether your dating,married or single. It's an outward expression of an inner comittiment to the person you vow to love forever. Here's looking to you cupid :) Happy Valentines

Monday, February 13, 2012

All Over Again

Press reset all over again
Delete mind games and hurtful spins
Of words that enter
Where anger transends.
Overpowered by emotions
That controlers can't sustain.

Focus on the goalie
Get your head in the moment
Lead team mate by team mate
Resist misjudgement
Of who's more holy,
Because losing a battle
Will be made up by winning the war
Replenishing inner courage
 Sometimes walking away
Creates greater blessings
That we're all deserving of
At the end of the day
It's about protecting your investment
Taking control of your life of the unexpected.

-Overland Afo

Inspired by how many poems I can get written before my computer privilages are expired.. :)

He Loves Me

They tell me that there's someone for everyone
That, that's just how it's always been
Has been and will ever be,
But when travelling on the road of singleness
And people question, Hmmm is she ok?
She must be a lonely defect
Of parts built together
Unwanted by the opposite gender 
Because her standards are too high
And men can't reach the unreachable
She must be the ultimate problem.
So why would her relationship status change?
A conclusion so unwittingly muttered
Not at all of who this strong woman is,
has been and could be
How easy for onlookers to misjudge
Unknowing to what she goes through,
Has been through & will eventually come to,
What they think they know
Just because they see
When in reality they see the opposite of truths
They don't understand
Because their not and could never be me..

I'm not single because of my sensible standards
I'm single because every man that's come
Has succomb to their thoughts
That they themselves are
Unwilling, unworthy and unavailable
To meet halfway
Me the so called unreachable one ..

One day I will be for that man
Who isn't slow to see
A valued future spouse, friend and lover
He will be ingrained with confidence,
That I was meant for him
Unafraid of my effective parts
That will naturally be complementary
To his non-rejecting heart,
The very reason I live to meet him
A future in his arms dwelt in peace, keeps me
That's why I remain still single 
Because he hasn't arrived yet
But when he does you will know
He loves all of me..

-Overland AFo

This piece was inspired with what a sister in our Relief Society said yesterday in class. We don't always know how long we'll have to wait for our future spouse. But waiting for the right one will be all the more worth it because the Lord knows what we need the most. Gave me hope not to worry about what people may think about my still being single. And to trust that life is what I make it & if I'm depressed just because he hasn't arrived. Then I'm wasting my life & the blessings that heavenly father has for me. But if I just keep pushing forward even if that pushing is writing a zillion poems & blogging for hours. At least it's doing something in the positive rather than the negative going backwards. Life is what we make it! Make it a happy one.. :)

Schedule Service

When ever you can
Strengthen where you stand
Plant your feet in the cause of Christ
And especially when you think you can't
Strengthen every unwilling child, woman or man,
In God's plan get actively involved.
His need is urgent
In hast it can no longer be delayed
Give them your soul
He's calling your name.

Even if people seem, undeserving of your love
Strengthen whoever, where ever, when ever
Whether or not you feel your ready
He believes in what you can do
Or he wouldn't have choosen you
Strengthen every child, woman or man
In doing so all are edified
All our cured from their unhealed spiritual condition.

-Overland Afo

A piece that was in my head as I was waking up this morning & I had to quickly jot down.
Words are power use them carefully to empower not to destory people.

My Creed

<><> <><> <><>
To live as gently as I can;
To be, no matter where, a man;
To take what comes of good or ill
And cling to faith and honor still;
To do my best, and let that stand
The record of my brain and hand;
And then, should failure come to me
Still work and hope for victory.

<><> <><> <><>
To have no secret place wherein
I stoop unseen to shame or sin;
To be the same when I'm alone
As when my every deed is known;
To live undaunted, unafraid
Of any step that I have made;
To be without pretense or sham,
Exactly what men think I am.

<><> <><> <><>
To leave some simple mark behind,
To keep my having lived in mind;
If enmity to aught I show,
To be an honest, generous foe,
To play my little part, nor whine
That greater honors are not mine.
This, I believe, is all I need
For my philosophy and creed.

-Edgar A. Guest

Last night at the fireside that our Divine Heritage Choir presented at the Joseph Smith Jr. Blding. This was the poem that the Lds Business College President shared. Pretty much counseling that we find our value in the restored gospel.
His testimony of how he feels about the single adults in the church.

Because of Love

I walked alone at first
When the morning sun arose
The hours kept ticking
Minutes turned into seconds
And time seem to freeze my heart
I walked alone at first
Because I wanted too..

Then you came beside me
To see what was going on
You listened to my worries
And shoulder my head
Because I didn't want to go on,
And then the angels came
And lifted me high, with my heavenly song
I drifted into a trance
And began to speak to God
And heard him say

Don't feel so lonely my child
I am with you now
Cry if you must
But believe and trust
Your efforts are not a waste,
Eventually they'll change
Because of your testimony
One day I know they'll return to us.

My child don't feel so lonely
I know your trying
I'm proud of you
I'm closer then you feel
Even closer then you think
And by your side
I will forever journey,

Because you've proven without fail
Through your service
You've always loved me first
And because you looked to me
Truly loving me
No matter the weight of hurt,
I will always bare your burden
Believe me, my child
I am journeying right beside you
Especially during your saddest hours
Because of Love,
I won't ever let you walk alone again..

-Overland Afo

This piece is inspired by being anxiously engaged in the service of God, no matter how tired we get. I know when we prioritize and put him first he will take care of everything else.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Edified Love

It's ironic the way we are
When we're far apart
The secrets we keep for years
Because of possible rejection
We inevitably mess love up
Thinking we have all the answers
When in reality we really don't..

Life burns us that's a fact
The fire we consume could kill you
Like it's killed others
But we weren't built to remain broken
We aren't created to live in the past.

Don't say I can't relate
Because we come from different worlds
I never knew my own strength
And neither do you
Count on me
And we will find common ground.

Don't be afraid of our differences
Because matters of our hearts
Will bring us easily together.
I will touch your body,mind and soul
And along the way you'll never doubt
I decided long ago
You are always gonna be loved
Just the way you are...

-Overland Afo

This piece was inspired by the find out about the death of the greatest singer's of all time Whitney Houston. She is sorely missed...

Think & Move

A thousand words couldn't say it all
Neither could one or two
My compassion I contribute
Isn't handed over out of pity,
It's clear-cut your independant.
Different from most, Distinctive out of many.

It could be said you don't need me
That may be absolutely true
And yet unpredictable incidents will arise
Even in a man's world
Only a woman's worth
Can his heart be consoled
Grown folks love that will stand
The tests of all eternity & time.

-Overland Afo

This piece is inspired by hope.


Tears forming through my eyes
I'm happy!
Tears falling from my face
I'm grateful!
Tears burning out my days
I'm fighting!
Tears teaching me
I'm not broken!
Tears dissolve bitterness
Relieves me!
Tears of hope
Happiness is coming!
Tears mean strength
In the presence of God
My tears have healed me!

-Overland AFo

This piece is inspired by all the moments I've grown from the tears I've shedd through the years. And the humility that's grown in me because of God's wisdom in molding me into a stronger servant. I am grateful..


I wish I didn't have so much pride
I wish I could  calmly express myself
Let go of what I've held against you
I wish I could be humbly loving towards you.
But my pain keeps me from forgiving
My arrogance says your wrong and I'm right
My ego blinds my mind
I quickly forget we're blood
So I revert to anger
Instead of approaching you with love,
I wish I didn't hold this grudge.
Why does this maddness even exist?
Between sibilings provided by God.
If I never say it out loud
Please know that I'm sorry
I just couldn't bring myself to saying it
Focused on other things I shouldn't have valued more
You should've been my ultimate worry
I'm sorry I didn't end this sooner
I wish I never kept this ongoing war.

-Overland Afo

This piece is inspired by letting pride overshadow forgiveness. In any relationship but especially in the immediate family. if we wait to long to say sorry it will suck to have to do it over someones hospital bed, death bed or grave. Saying sorry sooner is better losing relationships over pride isn't worth it. Pride will kill anyone even you.

Friday, February 10, 2012


It's not everyday you get second chances
But I'm not offering second anything
I'm offering you first dibbs.
First come, first to be served
I'm offering a key to be used
In my heart,
Turn to me and I will unlock
What you've kept concealed
I will guide you to the rock.

No need for second guessing
I don't mind the curosity
But I'm not here to play you!
My motives are pure
I am in it to build you higher
Give you everything
You only dreamnt of
My gifts are honest.

I'm not here to break you
Someone's ignorance has done that
But your shattered pieces
I am piecing together
Because I know your worth every cut
I am here to relieve your broken heart.

-Overland Afo

This piece is inspired by good music and my favorite artist.. :)


We don't have to be alone
But so many choose too
A lack of desire
A fear to communicate
We don't have to be alone
But so many get so use too.

Being anti-social to social outings
Making up plans
They never intended to keep
Plans that never existed
Lying to their friends, wishing they'd quit.
Homebodies who X-out possible friendships
Because they stay away from everybody
Unwilling to progress kindred kinships..

And yet those same many
Complain about their dating status
Depress themselves with romantic comedies
Wondering why they ain't getting any relations?!
Individuals that must wake up quick
Before they end up with nobody
A problem they created..


This piece is inspired due to my current status of entering the mid-single era.. Out to teach whoever is reading that time isn't on our side. And if we waste time fearing dating to get married then we lose out. But in that process we shouldn't be quick to assume anything. OMG becky he wants to marry me.. When in reality all he asked for is "Hey so let's go to lunch thursday,Coo?" Ladies get over yourselves not every man wants to marry us. But on the flipside we could do great good to date & just look at it as two ppl getting together for a reasonable amount of time to get to know each other. If it works out coo if it doesn't thats coo too because at least you have one more good guy friend to rely on..

And then there are you men.. We hear it all the time.. You guys don't man up to ask because of your pride. You don't want to get rejected.. WELLL BOOOWHOOO TOOO YOU TOO.. we women go through rejection all the time & yes we cry about it & get a little psycho too. *totally not speaking from experience about the psycho part* But here is my soluation.. We all go through heart breaks, disappointments & maybe even embarassment because of rejection.. But THERE ARE TOO many GREAT PPL OUT here to get caught up in "Dude if she breaks my heart, yeah the whole female gender is gonna pay." Like my good friend madea says.. or it was orlando in madeas "Diary of a Madd Black Woman" You can't let his mistakes, be something that I pay for; something along those lines. So fellas you got your heart broken, okie dokie not to minimize that pain.. BUT GET OVER IT! Love is love when you express it, go after it, fight for it & know that it has always been meant for you. Stop wandering around get with it.. And I know when both you; women & men get this concept you will gain the relationships you desire.. Remember the triangle God at the point, you to the left & your companion to the right. God first, companion second you last & because God's in it he will bring both of you to the forefront together to be first, cause you both deserve love. BELIEVE & KNOW IT!!!


Before you say anything
Hold that thought
I feel it all over
I gotta go first
And I gotta speak out
Don't grow impatient
Baby please don't interrupt.
Let me say what I gotta say
I won't take up too much time
I promise I won't be long.

There are just certain things
You absolutely need to know
Things about me, I wanna convey
From my heart of hearts
I can no longer contain.
Even if this doesn't benefit me
I am prepared for what's ahead.
This is something I need to go through
These are things we need to face.

There is no me without you
Truth cleaveth unto truth
And from your rise and to my fall
You are the only one I see
The only one I want comforting me
Your name is the only one I care about
No one else can fullfill your call
If you'll have me, Baby I'm yours..

-Overland Afo

This piece is inspired by trying to catch a topic & find ways to saying things but in a round about way for ppl to know what I'm saying w/o really knowing. Yeah it was a half and half success & fail. Gotta keep practicing. :)