Friday, January 27, 2012

Eye Single to Him

Kayne says Jesus walks
And in his song
When it's sung,
With his conviction
Word for word
Inspired by written scriptures,
Page for page
I try to envision,
What he's rapping
And what prophets say
Found when disciples
Are preaching,
But I still can't
When my footings
Ends up unavoidably messy,
Stepping with Jesus
I haven't been able to synchronize
And before I know it
Again I feel left behind.

I wanna live the life he lived
Imprint over my soul
What he has taught,
But I can't hear his voice
Or know the feelings of
A third party 
Of a well known Holy Ghost,
And then I'm left to wonder
How am I expected
To make the right choice?
And follow where he has lead.

Tomorrow isn't promised
I know that much,
But somedays are all I live
Praying secretly
My soul will eventually switch
From a faithless sheep
Into a magnified Jesus Walking
Disciple of his craftmanship
An eye single to him.


This was inspired by kayne's cut "Jesus Walks" enjoy :)


GET AWAY from me!
You make ME SICK!
The very sight of you
Makes me wanna
Left to Right
Up & Down
Across one time
Back & forth
Deeper the incision
The less I can feel
When you couldn't MAN UP

Sucidal? NO! NEVER THAT!
Give my last breathe, for you?
You must be tripping
Off that strong stuff
I believe they call it crack!
You've gone & done it now!
Wipe that smug smile
From off your face
YOUR NO longer welcome here!


This piece is inspired by hate. We all feel it one or more times during our time here on earth. My Point in this post is hating isn't worth it.. bURN IT! bURY IT! AND DO ALL YOU CAN TO FORGET THE HATE you feel, when you've been done wrong.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Mommy please don't be sad,
I miss you so much too.
It's beautiful here,

but I worry a lot about you.

I sleep with angels watching me...

there is only love up here.

because God is so very near.

I walk with Jesus every day,

He is very kind and loving.

Don't worry Mom, He holds my hand

when we cross a golden street.

I never cry or hurt myself.

I see Grandpa every day.

I play and laugh and sing a lot

and I hear you when you pray.

Please Mommy, don't be mad at God,

you see He loves me too.

And even though you are not with me,

I am really still with you.


This was inspired by the birth of my new nephew David Loimata Afo. His brother Tuau passed away July 2008 & so with his birth yesterday. January 2012 we are reminded that miracles still come even after as something  as sad as not having his older brother with us. I got this poem from one of my mission sisters & had to post it. Love is in the air & angels all around us.


Because I love you
I let you,
Be who you are
Without me.

Who you could be
If you were with me
Unlimited Infinite 
In our every possiblity.

Thought of or even dreamnt
Because I love you
I accept that you left me
Flightless Memory..
Because I love you
I let you, leave me..


This piece was inspired by quite peace in my mind.. :) enjoy

Rainy Dayz

When it rains it pours
Flooding neighborhoods & homes
Where some doors stay open
Others unexpectedly close,
Leaving tree leaves to blow away
Approving a leaf to leave
In tribulation winds
While branches easily break
Under pressure that begrudely stayed
Left to rely on roots
That steady a foundation
Unwilling to give up
From the ground up
Unplanted in envy.
Over weeds of fear
Worms of jealousy
Roots know their purpose
Never seeks mention
And nourishes the flower
Into it's full potential,
Roots stand steadfast
When others aren't willing
Roots fair out the wheather
Unlike many...


This piece was inspired by stress :) enjoy

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Love does not hurt/ At least it shouldn't/ Doesn't crush self-esteem /Repeat physical battery,
 Never utters critical words /Verbal outlashes are unacceptable /Who's right or who's wrong won't matter/ Because love Says let's work through it/ And forgets distructive behavior/
 Love thinks about it's patterns/ Avoiding what children could pick up on/ Or grow into/
Sifting bad habits/Preventing them from inheriting unnecessary abuse/
Gifting their minds to  enhance their inner truth/Love is real when it doesn't compete/
Remembering a significant other is to always be an equal/Love does not hurt and never should have too.

This piece was inspired by things as they really are & not what we dream that they are :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012


How is it for one so strong can feel so weak,
How do we understand these trials so bleak.

When one day we are getting where we desire,
The next we wake to see life has changed its spire.

The questions come, the tears flow free,
Yet she finds no solace in others plees.

Wanting the answers that she once knew
She travels to a place,
To a sanctuary,
To peace,
To eternity,

Its hard to explain this feeling inside,
As she passes through the veil with His hand held tight.

She walks to where she can give Him her heart,
And she knows He is there listening to every part.

She sits infront of this place, not wanting to leave
Then this music she hears beats through her heart,
It says, these trials are what make you strong
Their my mercy and love I gave you from the start.

You wouldn't be who you are today
If I never let you fall,
It is these trials that I give you
That will teach you to stand tall.

This time the tears come
But this feeling is not the same,
Its a knowing that she is not alone
When this pain should come again.

A peace to know that though pain & sorrow pass our way
And the trials come and go,
Its just a reminder
That this is not our home.

-Amanda Johnson

This piece was written by my best friend Amanda Johnson. I don't know exactly what life experience she pulled this from and there wasn't a title. So I just went ahead & added one :) besties can do that if you didn't already Anyway it reminds me of this passage in the Doctrine & Covenants
 If thou art called to pass through atribulation; if thou art in perils among false brethren; if thou art in bperils among robbers; if thou art in perils by land or by sea;
 If thou art aaccused with all manner of false accusations; if thine enemies fall upon thee; if they tear thee from the society of thy father and mother and brethren and sisters; and if with a drawn sword thine enemies tear thee from the bosom of thy wife, and of thine offspring, and thine elder son, although but six years of age, shall cling to thy garments, and shall say, My father, my father, why can’t you stay with us? O, my father, what are the men going to do with you? and if then he shall be thrust from thee by the sword, and thou be dragged to bprison, and thine enemies prowl around thee like cwolves for the blood of the lamb;
 And if thou shouldst be cast into the apit, or into the hands of murderers, and the sentence of death passed upon thee; if thou be cast into the bdeep; if the billowing surge conspire against thee; if fierce winds become thine enemy; if the heavens gather blackness, and all the elements combine to chedge up the way; and above all, if the very jaws of dhell shall gape open the mouth wide after thee, know thou, my son, that all these things shall give thee eexperience, and shall be for thy good.
 The aSon of Man hath bdescended below them all. Art thou greater than he?
 Therefore, ahold on thy way, and the priesthood shall bremain with thee; for their cbounds are set, they cannot pass. Thy ddays are known, and thy years shall not be numbered less; therefore, efear not what man can do, for God shall be with you forever and ever.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Flash Forward

What are you fighting for?
Do you even really know?
Is it wise, overlooking your gut feeling?
Trades for a temporary thrill
A thrill that vanishes
Like a thief in the night
Out the back door.
A muse that only returns
For greedy selfish refills,
Of boost me up! Tell me mo!
Say I'm your one & only
And when you give them the world,
They leave you drowning
In the gutter without regard
Without a happily ever after
No ending to your story.
Your so-called sweetness
Quick to answer rentless hounds
Of pitful sideline potentials
Just as sightless as you 
How a thumb of a  pimptress
Has you wrapped around in madness
Why is this quest so important?
Tell me again, why did you choose complete chaos?
Overshadowing what you really should do..

What are you fighting for?
When venom supplied
Is poisoning your gut
To your core...
Why are you fighting a fight
Unworthy of your heroism?
Why can't you just this once
Walk out on misery
And meet joy at the front door!


This piece was inspired by living the now & moving towards the future. Steps we all have to take & have to believe is possible. The past is done we just got to repattern ourselves to living faith forward. Enjoy


They say I'm irrational
The way I express,confess and profess
I love him through a variety of "I love yous"
They mock my sense of character,
Unstitch my every word
Belittle my facts they call fiction,
Taunting a GROWN WOMAN's behavior
Branding me a Whimsical daydreaming girl,
Easily written off  without regard
By an unauhorized community
Plagued by fear
Risking to love would be unreasonable
By a pack of wolves in sheeps clothing
Rejecting my mandates of daring to love
And I'm the laughing stock of the town?
The audacity of others who can't walk the talk
They think they be knowing
Comedy it is the very people they clown
Are the ones they can't be fooling .


This was inspired by people who call themselves experts on love or judge others on how they love & express it. Everyone is different & just because people have their own ways of doing things. Doesn't necessarily mean it's wrong or right. It just means it's their way.. The title is one of my favorite spanish words "Mira" means "Look" & I guess my point today would be "Look without misjudging." Enjoy Happy Saturday

Friday, January 20, 2012


The changes that I've made
Look at me
The saint that I've become
Remastered by his hands
Lifted by his love,
Look at me
No longer frighten by the sun
Into his light I walk
Walking out of the darkest clouds,
I finally see
The father and his son
What you've always saw
No longer lost
Guided by his holy spirit
I'm found..
Blinded traveller without a course
Because of your prayer
I can see again
Hear my father's voice.

The moment you forgot yourself
And named my name in prayer
I want you to know
I'll never let you regret the gesture
Answering a call I didn't make
Because I didn't know how
To speak to God
Your prayer brought me safely home
Back into his loving arms.


This piece is inspired by the great examples of people around me that believe in God, struggle & work towards getting to knowing him again.


The closer you get
The more I can see
You are no less
The price you disply,
Value increases
With every shared layer
You allow my eyes to behold,
Unrestraint pearls strung
Kept safely in a locket
Stories yet to be told
I am fascinated beyond measure
Captured by your wealth
Only a kindred spirit could uphold.


This piece was inspired by my poem "The Gardner" still a work in progress yet to be posted. :) enjoy enjoy enjoy :)


Talk to me
It's as easy as that
Forget what you think
I'll think,
Just talk to me
Start from deep within.
Any worry you have
I'll dissolve instantly
You'll be surprised
How I'll react
I've opt to better listening
Talk to me
I vow to prove
All your doubts to be wrong
About you
About me
Baby lets just start
Just talk to me...


This piece was inspired by the lack of communication that is caused by fear. Fear to approach someone, fear to reveal the "real you" to someone, fear of ending a dead realtionship, fear of starting over again.. I believe when we train ourselves to love ourselves and get over our pride. True love can finally be born to be borne... :)


Your Beautiful
Your Smart
You are who also
Rules my heart.
On my mind
Running through & through
Periodic memories
Showered all over me.

By your magnetic scent
Your spellbinding smile
Them personable eyes
A demeanor that ain't never lied
Of the type of man you are
Who isn't to be rushed
A man who knows how to take his time
Thoughtful in every way
Mantled with unfailing trust.
Til it happens to you
You all won't ever realize
Timeless love takes work
Worth every upward climb

Til it happens to you
You all will never really know.


This piece is inspired by not settling, keeping hope of good ppl that will eventually match & endurance pays off. Whether in love relationships or anything else.. Enjoy my jammming :)


Whatever you do
Don't forget me!
Where ever you go
Timezones don't count
Like an E.M.T
I'll be alert
Warpping my time
Around yours
I'll follow
Before danger creeps in
My intuitiveness
Will come to your rescue
No matter time
Night or day
I'm here for you
Your needs are no intrusion.


This piece was inspired by how people sometimes try so hard to get the timing right on everything. Relationships, Careers , Interventions etc etc. And when it comes down to it like an old friend told me once. "Ova you just got to go with the flow, you can't control what won't be controlled." So a toast to being patient.. :) Enjoy my song

Turning Point

Magnificent is the moment freedom reigns
From inner thoughts, past & present
Joy and pains
The second when everything makes sense
Of where you've been
Has little value
To where your at
And where your headed
Down a pathway enlighted
Of why we live in sin
And how we can cope
Get over it
And find the healing
We all await
Freedom how sweet the taste
When it rains...


Inspired by this website   & the beauty of nature,people & our circumstances..:)

Stone Face

Strength isn't always about being strong
It oft times means being vunerable
Shedding a tear a two
Letting someone hug
When it's most needed
Maybe not for you
But for them
So they can express how much they love
Love you for who you are
Strength oft times means being soft
When your heart wants to be hard.


This piece was done in one minute ;) record time & one of my shortest poems ever.. I'm so proud of myself :) I guess this practice writing does pay off :) enjoy

Dance With Me

Will you dance with me?
I promise I'll follow your beat
I'll catch you if you fall
Hold you up
Teach you how to two step
Separating you from your walls
Hussle it out
Til you catch your rhythm
I will make anyone envious
That you came with me
Fear not your arrival
Your confidence I have built
Because your worth more than rubies
Because from the start
You've always been yourself.
Will you dance with me?
Now until forever?
I promise I will never leave...


Inspired by my love for dancing,romance,fairy tales & writing.. Enjoy!


Got to be there
When light first hits
Kissing mountain peaks
Overlooking city patchs
The sun warmth of winter
While cool air passes
Unaware of strangers
That become lover's
Along a grassy green pasture.

Got to be there
Under any circumstance
For better or for worse
In sickness and in health
Inseparable the two
Not even death dare
Break apart
Had to be you
The reason I was called
To find you on earth.


Inspired by the love of just writing. No matter how simple or Dr Seuss I feel my writings are turning out to be. Just trying to keep from entering writer's block. Motivated to find more depth to these writings.. Like Mycal says "So I write" is the motto for me right now til something great actually comes of all these practice writings. :) Thanks for enduring through! enjoy my friday jam


It's too hard to let you in
When I can't get a grip
Of what I want
Who I am
Where I'm going
What I'm about.

So the possibilities that could be
The amazing crazy love
We could share
Has to collect shelf life
Until I'm over who's wrong
And who'll naturally fit right beside me.

It's too hard for me to trust
Not just you
But even myself
If your meant for me
I'll return
One day I'll return
For a picture perfect
You & Me...


Inspired by one of my favorite songs by SWV & the passion behind what crazy love my feel like. :)
Enjoy my jam

Thursday, January 19, 2012

What if?

What if cupid didn't have an arrow?
Would lover's still exist?
Would Valentine's even matter?
Don't let go, I'll never let go
Scripted cliff hangers
Uttered from dying lips...

What if? is the timeless question
Spinning round and round inside
What if I hadn't said that
Or should have said this
Dang it!
Does anyone ever get it right?

All I know is What if's?
Are but a waste of energy
True courage walks the talk
And dares to turn What if's?
Around til it's got
What it's always deserved
Living the passionate "I gots"
Ceasing all of the "I wants"
"What ifs" give them to someone else..

This piece was inspired from about my style of writing & trying to create from a "well run dry" :) On the upside I'm sure better ones will come along. Crossing my eyeballs :) enjoy my song...

Pay It Forward

When Life beats hard with stormy hands,
And bitter teardrops fall;
When friendless Winter chills my soul,
And empty echoes call-
'Tis then I turn, with eager hope,
My steps though spent and lame,
To find an understanding heart,
Where burns a friendly flame-
A heart where gentle Wisdom dwells,
Compassionate and kind,
Whose faith in God and man has taught
A like faith to the Blind...
Although his tender loving face
From us is shut apart,
We see the gracious wisdom
Of his understanding heart;
We feel a peace within his soul
And know a peace our own;
We hear his silent prayer that tells
We do not walk alone;
His faith in us will give us strength,
As unseen paths we plod;
Our soulds uplifted by a man
In partnership with God.

-Member of the Society for the
Aid of the Sightless

As a little girl living in Tampa,Florida I remember being introduced to one of my earliest heros. Mz. Hellen Kellur who became blind, overcame her condition by educating herself supported by loving people. So when I came across this poem written and dedicated to one of our former church presidents Elder George Albert Smith. Naturally I wanted to post this piece. It reminds me that anything can be OVERCOME by exercising faith. We are the ones who limit ourselves so we must be AWARE. Well I love this piece & attached is one of my favorite gospel hymns. enjoy! He Hears Me

Blindman Standing

It's imperative for me
That you know
That I see you
Not the made up you
Grand standing
Spurts of the ha, ha
Look at me
Side of you.
But rather the opposite
The quieter dignified
Part of you
Where silence meets harmony
When you speak melodically
The sublime mysterious side of you
Hidden from the world's view.

You gotta know
You mean you can't see?
What's staring right in front of you?
A reflection of the best of you
Found only in me!

Of course you can't see!
When your wishing
She'd be the one facing you
How is it that playing hard to get
Trumps my geniune acknowledgement
Of a chivalrous mannered man
With an exceptional heart.
Distinctive conduct
Tailored genius
Comparison against menial men
Could never be a role you'd undertake
Underneath it all.

Only if you'd look
She views you with limits
To mess with your head
I see the really you
Using my spiritual eyes
Underneath it all
With me there's no need for disguises.


Piece was inspired by the fact that it's ok to fight for love. But when it's a onesided battle & the other is using you. There has to be a breaking point & that's when people should let go. Before they destory themselves & never let real love into their lives

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Journey

Look up not sideways
Delight in the knowledge
That the student isn't
The only one being taught
What the teacher
Should be learning
Lesson on humility
Refrains from being
Holier than Holy
Tryna cause public scenes.

Rather a guide of hope
Shouldered by charity and faith
Sobriety to overcome crimes
Rising out of mistakes
Awaken at the fact
Christ shuns the sin
Never the sinner
Turning a fallen angel
Into a glorious beaming saint.

Look up not sideways
He's reaching your way
All are welcome
Listen he's calling your name.


This poem was inspired by my visiting my best friend Amanda who just got into a carwreck.. Just thinking about life & that anything could happen. So we should be living a life a gratitude & always try, try try again like aaliyah says. Until God says let go.. I love my life & not having to work so hard to gain inspiration. :)

Monday, January 16, 2012


I had a funny feeling
But didn't know what to do
I wanted to believe a lot of things
I craved to follow through
With what my actions were anticipating
Just waiting on my cue
I wanted to shift forward
Step up
But unfortunately I pulled back
Fell over
Loss my balance
And totally missed my cue.

I had a funny feeling
I wanted to follow through
But anticipation turned on me
When you disappeared without a clue.


This poem was inspired with my recent will power to face my fears, remembering from past experiences that closure is never a guarantee and asking "why" all the time doesn't mean an answer will follow. I am so grateful for this post because I'm able to sharpen my thinking & writing skills. Michelle Branch & Santana are the bomb.. love this cut

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Lord, My Companion & Me

The Lord, my companion and me
are a great combination, we three
For where He would lead us we go willingly
The Lord, my companion and me.

The Lord, my companion and me
have a work that is endless, you see
for the good honest souls, must be gathered
We're told
By the Lord, my companion and me.

The Lord, my companion and me
must pull as a team, constantly
if we would have power,
we will remember each hour
It's the Lord first, my companion and then me.

-Unknown Author

The last couple of poems have been about "finding love" or "eternal love" and though this poem can be consider like those prior poems along with this video. The objective of this blog poem is to direct our attention to relying on the spirit of God. To open our hearts,ears and eyes to what God is trying to tell us. Whether that's through testimony of others or by written word. This post is inspiration is "Waking Up to the Obvious" and then "Acting on it" once that truth is revealed to us. Happy Sabbath everyone!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


We're one in the same
Same heart moved by emoting power
And yet we can't find our way
Two stories without an author
You a page ahead
While I'm stuck at our intro
An unwritten plot
Rough drafts misread
Lines between us run on
Failing to solve your puzzled wonderment
Questions diverting a happily ever after
If you'd only accept what was being given
Imagine where we'd be?
Two main characters
One love story
Authored together
No longer awaiting our new beginning 


This was inspired by going to karaoke with my sistah edna @ frankie's.. Just the power found in love songs & expression of passionate singers. Enjoy my jam .

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Eternal Course

I look at my life
And the path I did take,
The many things I learned
And the mistakes I did make.

It's all part of this plan
That God has for me,
To help me to be strong
So I can be with him for eternity.

There will be times I will stumble & fall
Times the spirit will burn deep within,
But it is up to me to keep my faith strong
So this eternal course i'm on I can win.

One of the courses i'm on
That is close to my heart,
Is to find my eternal companion
We're not that far apart.

To be joined together hand in hand
To be sealed together forever,
To have that one who will be my best friend
Is what will bring me great joy & pleasure.

And though I have many doubts and fears
That is leading me farther away,
I know Heavenly Father knows my heart
And he will help to lead the way.

So as I go through life's twists & turns
And sometimes lose my way,
I will remember what God promised me
And I'll be strong, and find my way.

This promise that he gave me
Is this course that i'm on,
To have an eternal family
And teach them to be strong.

So as my family grows & grows
And finds the way back home,
I know because I was strong
We'll be together in the Celestial Kingdom.

-Amanda Johnson

So I'm still trying to get everyone over their fear of posting their writings. The only willing participants have been John Siafega & Amanda Johnson. Everyone else's postings were either begged or just posted to be annonying to the writer..hahaha love me  Hurry up Mycal,Edna, taaatIIIIIII!lol and can't forget mz ErriccAAA :)

This is a poem Manda wrote awhile back & it's a thought provoking read. Enjoy my jam :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Clapton's Redemption

When I see you next
In the life to come
I will know your name
And heaven won't ever be heaven
Unless your there
Beginning to no end.

Will it be the same?
I'm hoping not
I pray it's much more
So much more
Than we'd ever think
Or even could have thought.

Finally releasing what went wrong
I feel your remorse
I feel it in your song
Find faith as small as a mustard seed
Cause remember dad
Heaven isn't ever heaven
Without your willingness
To return to me
Sincerely waiting on you
Your loving son.


This piece was inspired because I heard that when eric clapton wrote this song it was out of remorse
for the death of his son. I guess he was watching him & his son got out & fell from their building to  his death. I'll have to make sure that's correct. But either way it's a powerful song & msg enjoy!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Magic Man

Everyone's looking, dreaming, wishing
Some have been planning, praying,scheming
All for a purpose under the sun
Lit at nightfalls pale moonlight
Wondering is this the moment
Will this be the day
Enhantment will occur
The instant life glistens out of the sky.

And planets align in order
Orbiting soul mates together
Attached without any struggle
Magnified by a similar inner pattern
Where light cleaveth unto light
Minds become one
At each other's palms
Life lines intersect
Who would've ever thought?
This would be more than companionship
Found at the footsteps
Of an incredible magic man
Who would've thought this would be love?


Inspired by a movie I just watched called "Beauty & the Briefcase" starring Hillary Duff. Cute romantic comedy.. I'm totally into "chick flicks" lol & this is my favorite country band "Lady A" enjoy some mo'great music


Eyes wide open
And they still can't see
Illusions of who they think she is
Unwilling to place their feet
In the shoes that she wears
To feel what she feels
To understand her mind
The thoughts that wheel
Fears to courage, courage to fears
Eyes wide open
They see only what they wanna see
Discounting her motives for good
Unaware of what she really feels
Eyes wide open
Minds tightly closed
They see only what they wanna
Blinded to who she really is...


This was inspired by recent personal experiences of being judged,persecuated and misunderstood. Enjoy one of my favorite gospel songs by my brother thee Junior Maile