Thursday, December 29, 2011


Taken by surprise by the man
Standing before me
I'm staring at change
Looking intently into his eyes
This form of deity
Self-taught ways
On the facts of life
Once lived with the mantra
His time is his time 
And no one else's
Not even to earthly angels
Or to almighty God himself.

Until this man landed on his knees
Knelt in reverence 
Pleading to a Heavenly Father
That he desperately wanted to know
Not because of deja vu
Of a prior life
Or an epiphany 
Shone at the end of some tunnel
Echoing follow the light.
This man was in search 
Of sovereignty's peace
To last him throughout his life
Explaining the unexplained of what's really right??


This piece was inspired off of many people that have entered my life. That have searched man's for happiness. Learning from other writers. I decided to cut it with a short ending. So that they the reader could discover his or her own answer. Cause I can only write so many poems stating that my answer is God, he will save you. But like how a child has to learn how to balance a bike on his/her own once taught the basics of riding. So it is with faith we all must learn for ourselves but along the way remember to leave no one behind. Hope that made sense. Here's another one of my most favorite singers. R Kelley "Love Letter."

Freedom Thoughts

  • The man in the mirror
    Staring back at me
    Was created after an image
    A supreme being
    Only enduring faith can see
    An energy protector
    Blessed over a man trapped by society's misery
    Inner battles fighting for strength
    Pleas seeking an imprisoned release
    That the natural man's eye
    Could never conceive.

    Born by uncensored history
    The man in the mirror
    Staring back at me
    Now finds himself 

    Conversing with deity
    On his knees
    Boggled by his mind
    He hears heavenly sovereignty
    He feels where he's meant to be.

    The man in the mirror
    Full of terror and tears
    The indicative nature of fear
    From standing here..
    Amidst the anger and frustration
    Of personal salvation
    Bcuhz trials and tribulations
    Made his foundation..

    The mind wanders and wanders
    As the man in the mirror stares
    Into the pupils of a pupil
    Who only learns from himself, his thoughts..

    -John Siafega & Overland

    This piece was another writing run with none other than the infamous "Ika Turner" lol jp gotta love them detention kids we were able to serve. Nah but yes this was a piece that I got to work w/John.  In the process of editing & trying to choose from another one. The inspiration actually came during that process. What I learned was sometimes you just have to go with your thoughts. And just like in life where there are no re-editing, spell checks or grammar follow ups. (though some of us might need that more than others)lol I learned that going with the flow is a huge part of learning about others but also about yourself. So yah enjoy :) Video is dedicated to all you Pac lovahs his talent is still 2nd to none no doubt.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


A little boy grew up and became a man, wondering why women cry. Finally he put in a call to God. When God got on the phone, he asked, "God, why do women cry so easily?"
God said: "When I made the woman she had to be special.

I made her shoulders strong enough to carry the weight of the world, yet gentle enough to give comfort.

I gave her an inner strength to endure childbirth and the rejection that many times comes from her children.

I gave her a hardness that allows her to keep going when everyone else gives up, and take care of her family through sickness and fatigue without complaining.

I gave her the sensitivity to love her children under any and all circumstances, even when her child has hurt her very badly.

I gave her strength to carry her husband through his faults and fashioned her from his rib to protect his heart.

I gave her wisdom to know that a good husband never hurts his wife, but sometimes tests her strengths and her resolve to stand beside him unfalteringly.

And finally, I gave her a tear to shed. This is hers exclusively to use whenever it is needed."

"You see my son," said God, "the beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair.

The beauty of a woman must be seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart - the place where love resides."


I got this poem off of my sister Ana Hafokas facebook. I love this poem because I'm a firm believer, that a doorway to a person's heart is through their eyes. And it inspires me to reconfirm that tears aren't a sign of weakness but a sign of convicting emotion. So it doesn't really mean people are weak if they cry but afterwards they should always rise from those tears and move forward. I love this poem :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Healing Hooks

Love's motivation is a fire, within us all
We never really know what it will unite
Infuse wildfires of smoke's life lessons
Each tested phaze given
To build self-reliance
Releasing us from damaging firewalls
Of ungratefullness
Love's motivation requires humility & continual patience
When it matters most..

Survival of the fittest
In just a year later
Enduring  painful climbs for independence
No small deed you venture
Or obstacle you accomplish
Will ever go unnotice
In the chambers of God's peaceful heaven
You gotta remember many are called
But you were choosen.
To allow others to serve you
They too need blessings.

Hands for hooks
Hooking the unpredictable
A reality you never wanted
But still today found fighting for good
Your hooks for hands
Has set the golden example.
That life is opposition
And it will come at you hard
But it's not what happens that matters
It's that you get back up
When you really want to give up. 

Sam the No-handed bandit
Forever our super-hero
Your self-motivation
Priesthood power at it's finest exercised
There's no doubt your one spiritual giant
Thank for inspiring our lives
Thank you for educating our often simple minds
Thank you for not giving up
We're hooked by your love's motivation
You No-handed bandit spiritual giant!


This is my friend Sam Matagi who inspired this post  listen to his story. If you don't walk away humbled. Than continue to hit replay til you are.. :)


The nature of loving someone, is pretty harsh sometimes, I think when it gets pretty bad, that's when the veil is lifted a bit and you're eyes see better the relationship at hand and how important it really is, as oppose to how important it really was, you learn to fight a little bit more fairly in comparison to the playing field before. And the relevance between you both are seen more clearly.

I want to satisfy your soul
Fight for a playing field of fidelity
Discarding temptations of riding lust
I don't want to humiliate you ever
In public or in private.
For all that we're working towards
I need you here beside me.

I want to live in a more united front
To demolish our retaliated wrongs
Recreate our love languages
I'm open to redefine
What true love means to us.

Engraved in me
My alliance is with you
I'm truly ready now
To give you all of my forgiveness
Matrimonial trust
I know will heal us through.

Backing up my words with consistent action
From now into the eternities
I vow to stand side by side you
Anxiously awaiting your arrival
I promise in our best interest
Eternally yours at the veil
I'll surrender my forgiving love
I surrender for the greater
God found in the both of us
I surrender

-John Siafega & Overland

Inspiration for this piece came through a personal experience of a love one's story on marriage.Giving me the opportunity to once again receive the blessing of writing with John. He makes it too easy. Meaning he delivers his writings & it doesn't take long for me to connect what I want to say. I love his talent & his willingness to help me put thoughts into action. Because of him I can't say it enough I'm becoming a better writer. Thanks John!
This piece also was to inspire my love one to reconsider certain choices concerning marriage & to find hope again.
Reminding us all that marriage is worth fighting for until God says "Ok it's time to let go, I have bigger plans for you." My favorite singer Tamia is just proof of that also. through her musiq & her amazing lyrical content. Enjoy :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011


With visions of your face
I can't go anywhere
My eyes crave to touch you
In more ways than one
Wishing you were right here.

Famished from hours of being apart
Head to toe motions distorted
Catching my unbalanced poise
Pulsating veins, hungry for access
Into your collapsed heart.
But you won't alleviate your pain
Caused by former lovers
You choose to wait hand and foot on
Unware that you deserve better.

Furnishing room and space
With swine's ungrateful company 
You opt to stay and wait
In those lousy relationships
For what? In the minutest hope
That they'll one day change
Valuing all that you are worth?
Is that why you've remained?
Totally numb to their senseless burns?
Unable to sum up their shameless behavior
And the games they selfishly play on you..

No longer risk yourself for them
Compromise only with your equal
A wish upon wish you receive real direction
Visions of my face that you seek after

I'm the one who's stuck close
The one deserving
of all of your affections
Compromise that and you compromise
a slow dying death
To lousy relationships that'll leave you empty.


Inspiration for this piece was to practice my writing style,keeping to the subject and controlling the length of the piece. Still working on what I'm learning about writing & applying that knowledge. Merry Christmas..  :) I love this guys highnotes & so enjoy the musiq of my soul! :)

Friday, December 23, 2011


So because I've been on this blog more than any of my other ones . I've been trying to get all the words that have been in my system out. But there are just not enough hours in the day to win that goal over. And so I've been driving myself crazy. Reading, Re-editing, Read more again and again. Create a new one & every word that I hear just motivates my mind, to turn every word into more poem blogs. For about 2-3 days that's been my "to do" but should really be "not to do" week. And sleep? well what is that? Cause even when I try to sleep? I can feel my subconscious working away. And so when I was chatting w/sister tati about being overcome with this blog. In a bestie type way, of putting things that only that breed can. She said stop "over thinking" which led me to reread my writings & I reacted with "I'm not".lol I just can't stop writing. Is this a nervous break down in the making?lol Can't be if I'm enjoying it right? Anyway since I've been stuck on blog overload. I have started to feel my writer's block return & though I don't mean to post uncontrolled  quantity in the sums of so many poems. My hunger to present quality is beginning to get out of hand. Seriously living up to my nickname block junkie that I am. I've created a monster & because of it. I almost lost my inspiration again for writing. One cause I'm obsessed with creating instantly and two I hate proof reading. So once I get something written. I put it out into the blogging world & edit as I reread.. Probably not the best way to present my passion. But for me I do it to catch the emotion in real time & then figure tweeking it later. Which when its out allows me to stay true to what I'm feeling. Either or I don't know. All I'm aware of is I've been driving myself madd. Until my brother Jared Fano posted this  video if it were the only solution to my maddness . I was revived  from falling off the writing mode. That's taken forever to get back. So here's to anyone that's ever felt the way I've been feeling. Either about their talents or the goals their trying to win.. I love my friends that always bring me back to my happy place.. :) Love you bro Thank you again!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I hear a whispering
You is Kind,
You is Smart,
You is Beautiful
And because you are mine
You is Important
Evolving into the "Real You!"
I know who you are!
Focus on how far you've come
Not where you started from
I am with you!

Alright dear Lord
I hear you!
Moreover I'm detouring my route
Down a new found road
Paths that will lead away from self-destruction
Destination "Spanking New Hope"
A roadtrip that shouldn't have been postponed
Five miles up preserving an attitude 
Of "I can do anything"

Roadsides paved with scents of "Try Hope"
A sort of positive self-talk
That should NEVER be put on LAYWAY
When receiving personal revealtion
Could improve travel plans
Re-examining silly oversights
Taking a rest stop
Cementing a constructed foundation
Leaving emotional baggage
To die by rush-hour traffic
Exiting an off-ramp to
 "Looking Up, Moving Forward, Keep Happy!"
My expedition to the best place ever
"My flight onto the highway to heaven."

This piece is from the section of "Up" my poem prior. While re-reading it I was inspired by the thought of roads & comparing it to choices we make in our lives. It's pretty to the point. So enjoy :)


I can't say it enough
To all that are here
Don't hear what I have to testify
LISTEN with a plan to DO
With all your vigor
Know this
Your relationship with God is yours
Your faith is yours
Your will is yours
But if you don't DO today
What has been passed over 
Many lost yesterdays
Your faith will die
The final choice is yours.

Who are you allowing to hold you back?
Who are you allowing to strip your converison
From your hands?
When the Master's son came to redeem you
Why are you allowing others to take that atonement from you?
Don't let your faith die
That's not the plan
He imprinted for you..

Forget the mistakes
Forget the haters
Forget your pride of being judge
By onlookers who claim their Christians
Just move when God says
Speak when he prompts
Love all those in need
Even if love isn't returned
The way that you thought
Or the way that you want
Live your faith for God
Stay true to him
Since he's always
Stayed true to you
That is what you call 
unconditional love
Come back to him
It's time to come home
to feel his love!


More poetry trimming.. I love my vacation hahahaha :)

Could I have this dance?

You are my teacher
My lifetime dance partner
I choose you to uphold my frame
Secure my two-step
Balance me up from any accidental tumbles
Laugh with me not at me
If my chacha causes us to stumble
No other person's arms
But yours would I want to fall into.
You are the neo to my soul
The drums that persuade
Instuments to sync together
Flat notes revamped
Penetrating live tempos
Disbandment never to be questioned
Tangled discouragment not an option
One waltz isn't my only comittment
I'm in it to be an eternal apprentice
I have musicality in my bones
My lyrical emotion is my perspective.

Enchanted beneath a disco ball
Adorn admirable fixtures
Mirroring light ambiance

From wall to wall
I can't even catch sight pass you
And still I do know

This isn't a misleading illusion
I'm not sleepwalking towards an imitation
You are authentic, real and exactly of my choosing.

This section was a part of  "In the Moment" re-editing some of entries. And taking the advice of mi bestie Tati of trimming the length off my writings. I was able to discover two poems in  oka maybe there was more trimming to be made.hahaha Anyway I love dancing. It's been my passion since I was born Anyway here's that & one of my favorite songs. I can't deny I'm a little country :)

Falling Bricks

A house is not a home
Unless built with love
Fears won't disappear
Even if you lay out
A welcoming rug
A house is not a home
Without real love.

And I must come to grips
of my own blindness
that your not  gonna grow me a garden
filled with care
Nor paint me a white picket fence 
With an "us" that I want
Where now "us" has fallen apart
like a gardner's dead thorny flowers
you won't let "us" grow together
Choking out the sweetest 
in what could've been our
plumeria scented garden.

You chucked stones at the idea
to ever nourishing an "us"
 without concern
to crush my vulnerable heart.
For you, you come first 
Falling Bricks 
to destory any beginning
of what could be our love story.


Another poetry trimming from one of my earlier entries.


Unanswered fate

You took the warmth of my heart and left it cold/ gave it to a stranger with a careless hold/ silly man has never handled such gold/ you buried this treasure it's map u fold/ each night you lay sleepless by the fables you've told/ stories of luv, war and hate/ ours is a tale destined for fate/
but this Cinderella attends no royal ball/ beauty never dances with the beast at all/ snow is never kissed by charming's lips/ and jasmine's new world ends in carpet flips/happily ever after doesn't exist without a sacrifice/ and for ours, you gave up without askin a price/ handed it over with no struggle at all/ shrugged it off like you planned it all along/ you watched me fall/ on my hands and knees you watched me crawl/ no beggin or pleadin no askin for returns/ just drops of tears streamin and screamin thru burns/ the story confirms/ no dragon slayin knight to save me frm misery/ an unanswered fate to go down in luvs history

you took the warmth of my heart and left it cold/ gave it to a stranger with a careless hold/ silly man has never handled such gold....

Tati is on a roll! Here's another :) and can't say enough about Cee-lo love this old skool feel :) good music!

What are you?

Wass up?
What's your name?
Are you from around here?
What set do you claim?
Are you Tongan or Samoan?
Cause if you say the wrong race
In the wrong place
It just might be
You'll find yourself dead
Or blasted on the street
Wounded from your neck down
Hospitalized if you ain't from around.

So speak out Uce
Or is it Tokoua?
Do you think that I'm kidding?
What rag do you be sporting?
A common blue or red one?
Yellow,green or white?
If you won't state your set
Will you muster
How many shootings,stabbings and fights
Have you been in
 Done dirt? Have you?
Do you even own a knife or rifle?
Man! what set do you claim?
Do you even have street credit to your name!?
Wait a minute, Are you an undercover popo?
To get me out the game?

I'm none of thee above
I have no color
You can say I'm sorta invisible
But for now only you can see me.
I was sent to save your soul
To open your mind up
Yes tristen I'm your archangel
Now is the time to change
Here's your revised agenda.

I can't force your choice
Neither take away your will
I'm not the one to be questioned
Who I am?
Your manhood I'm not here to steal
Look in the mirror
Recite to who your asking
What have you turned into?
Tristen what image will you erase?
What are you?
A born again christian
Or a soon to be assassinate street gangsta?
What are you? 


This piece was inspired over the growing lockup that are happening here in Utah. As polynesians we are often looked at as over-eaters, big mean gang affliated, lazy, bullying people. I don't support gangs & what they do. But do I know people that are? Yes Am I upset about the lifestyle they choose? Yes And I am afraid for their safety everyday. Especially when I think to long about. Hmmm i wonder if so and so is dealing,shooting,fighting or violating someone? Those are the worse days that I worry over. About people I love that are in gangs or affliated. Because those people are my friends & family.

So I write about this issue for them. To let them know at least one person is praying for them. That this one person wish she had the courage enough to set them straight on the reality and affects of the wrong choices they make. But this same person understands you will do what you have to do. You will risk everything for street credit, bragging rights, macho image etc etc til you've run out of luck. But even so I will still pray for you that one day you'll change. Put down your pride, your ego, your ignorance that it's not fair that your wrong choices leaves us w/your death. If those wrong choices take you away from us and everyone who'll still be here. I will still pray for you hoping before than you will change. That's why I wrote this piece "What are you?"..
The next youtube poet I really enjoy & I love this girl & her poems  Mz. Saraaaah


In the ring of life
I'm like sugar ray
Light on my feet
Facing conflicts
Denying pay,
Swinging upper cuts
Left hooks for dayz,
Ding Ding Ding
I'm no longer down
I want to change.

This nunu match
Isn't a normal brawl
I'm not in it for the limelight
Or curtain calls
Scrapping for years to prove myself
Of how good of person
I am
Gullible that I could
Ever change anyone
From a city slacker
To god-fearing man.

So like Mohammand Ali
I'm stepping down
No more hostility to give 
Or mouthing off
Call me Ms. Nunu
Properly modified
Letting go of what I can't control
Discovering sometimes walking away
Is the true victory
What smart men are made of
Right now what I'm gonna do.
Occupying simple arenas
Lavished with gentleness
Seeking laughter before anger
Nunu enemies to be resisting
I'm confident of the future
I know I'm gonna past life's test
I'm Ms. Nunu set free from my past.


This poem was inspired by my bestie tati. When inviting her to my blog she suggested a few pointers. So this was a practice run of those suggestions. Lauryen Hill is one of my all time favorite singers & poets. Hey depth for everything music is amazing. I aspire to write like her one day. This is "Water" :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Love Bug

Seriously though!
Are you really saying
I have to wait?
Let him make the first move
And I'll get the last word
Allow my patience to wear out
Cause sometimes he'll man up
And at other times
Slip under the table
Out the back door
Cause he can't express his emotions
That make him mentally unstable..
That's what your saying
I have to settle for
Sis seriously though?

When all that I'm after
Is a night filled with laughter
To share our life moments
Reminiscing together
On our once upon a blue moons
When we didn't have each other
And then all of a sudden
Without expectation
We met on a whim
Contracting a love bug
Instantly matching
But now I have to wait
On his first move
Sis seriously though?
That's what your saying?


This piece was inspired by tati's tweet "Let him make the first move and you'll get the last word." It sparked alot of thoughts on the subject of love for me. How we wait and wait and no I'm not waiting, what would give you that silly
Anyway so we go through that process. We get hurt 99.99999% of the time while waiting. And we could go two ways down the road of disappointment, gender hating, lost confidence in trying again and just real Adele painful "Someone Like You" emotions that sometimes can turn into No I don't have a testimony on that type of emotion silly.hahahaha Anyway speaking from experince seriously. That road isnt worth it. The second option I'm presenting to you though is hope,patience and the reality that love is coming and it's gonna get you! And when it does don't push it away. I get this all the time from my sisters. "Ova for real? He's too short, omg he's hella random or hmmm you could be his older sister."lol  But the classic has to be hmmm duh your related. With the exception of that one I am a firm believer. And have come to learn the hard way.If you are interested in someone say it! tell them! but pray about it big time and listen, really listen if you should  act on what your feeling. Because if it turns out in your benefit kudos but if it doesn't you better be prepared to accept the answer, let go & move forward. GET OUT OF DENIAL will give you a better new beginning. Brings me to a as if this isn't long enough.. blame tati hahaha for inspiring me.. ok story.

So I was 16yrs old and I was in love with Peter Brown who was in love with my best friend. So like usher's song "You Remind Me" ya I was the girl that was pushing him to my best friend knowing it should've been me. Talk about "Days of our Lives" well I told him how I felt & if you know 16yr old boys they can be really mean if their not feeling you.(actually most men any age for that matter)lol
 So we were close, I wrote him a poem that he gave my best friend. Finally I couldn't take it anymore I tried to save our friendship. Well from that time til he went on his mission and return our friendship was never the same. I cried and I cried and I cried & these were a few lessons I learned. One you can't force people to love you back no matter how good of a person you are- I knew at one time in my life peter loved me as a friend but I created him discomfort in wanting to take it out of that zone. And he wasn't and still isn't mature enough to realize that it was to be a compliment to him of how I felt. Not a tool to be used against me & keep us from being friends. He wasn't ready then & he may never be til he reads this post one day. Btw if your reading peter I forgive you!

Second lesson is we have our individual "Peter Browns" in our lives that we think we will never get over or they could be no one better than him ever. But I have met a lot of great men after Peter & sure they've broken my heart too because I've searched for years now for real love. But my point is don't give up keep moving he/she is out there. It's just a matter of following one of my favorite sayings "You can't get new results if your still doing the same thing." Change up your game. Finally the lesson I'm learning about love right now is that I shouldn't make up excuses. "He does this wrong, He looks like this, He doesn't have this etc etc." From what I've read "Love is loving the not so lovable things about a person & helping them improve & become a better person." So like the title "Love Bugs" but w/out it we wouldn't be able to grow as people. I pray you all recieve great love, give forgiving love and remember the greatest love of all is that of God who will direct you to who your meant to love. :) Get ready!

I declare war

behind enemy lines she lies in wait
unseen by the opposing team..she thought she was safe
no one knew what brought her here
some say she lost it when she had no strength to steer
weakened by fatigue, plague and unrest
she stumbled to her feet to prove she was the best
finding herself within enemy lines
she felt at home since she'd been there a thousand times
she knew where she was and what she came for
under her breath she mumbled.."i now declare war"

the dirt on her shoes proved her valiant stance
tho she trodded rough roads, she deserved a second chance
her weapon of choice were mere words of expression
if she loses again..she'll learn another lesson
so she marched through into battle expecting to win
a trap was placed..she foolishly fell in
she shouted and screamed but couldn't quite understand
how this time she was her very own hand
she realized she was alone..tho surrounded by wealth
under her breath she mumbled.."i'm at war with myself"


Most of my besties have the deepest type of writing styles. And mz tatiana skipps is one of them. Rememeber me wishing I was Eve or Queen Laitifah during my convo w/John
under "Follow My Lead" cus I couldn't freestyle. Well tati is a walking dictionary of rapstarr qualities. Just sit near her & she'll amaze you. Finally another female other than me to join this site. Edner its your Writings of tatiana skipps & this is my song cause I know my sisters all of them are phenomenal women..

Return With Honor

Who should I send?
I need someone to hurry
Who should I send?
I know this is very short notice.

Send me dear Lord!
I'm ready and am willing
I'll do whatever is required
I can do my best
Even under pressure
Oh send me! send me!
Beloved precious Lord
With you I can complete your mission
Despite the fact that I'm not a boy.

Dear Sister Divine Heritage
You have been found worthy to serve
Most fitting for this strenous labor
Are you absolutely sure
You are up for this job?

There will be more bad days than good
Hardships tugged at your pride
Temptations will pull
Debates will get heated
There is no such feature called
 "Me Time"
Are you positive about going?
Now that a little has been divulged
Is my invitation less appealing
Is it still worth it to you?
Are you meant for this calling?

Yes Lord I am ready
A million times infinity
I will revere your valuable name
Prepare your children for the storm
Equip them with heavenly armor
Direct them in where to go
I will deliver every single warrior
Each one cloaked with spiritual valor
Your children saved
I promise to return them 
Every one of them
Back to thee with honor.


This piece was inspired by anyone who's ever wanted to serve an Lds mission. That might've lost their desire & needed a boost their goals in going. It's never to late & if you don't serve. Serve where you stand & let it be know that's a choice between you & God. Be happy with your final decision & stop looking back. Improve where you stand. :)

In the Moment

Your eyes speak volumes
That background noise can't drown
Transporting 808 brilliance
That deejays dig
Beats they find profound.
Chimming ol'school hits
Rotating dance floor jives
Soul train motions
Lining up electric slides.
Body rocking sound systems
Stimulating the crowd
A little honky tonk country
Never hurt a classic collboration
Instituting genius minds 
Composing that within each
No one is color blind.
Identical voices
A dialect jointly blending together
Clasping at the top of the charts
Humanity gone platinum
Mutual genres replayed
Fans finally won over
Never branded
As a one hit wonder.

Rushing out two left feet
Reforming alternative into
Slow jam swaying
Ballads sung with compelling percussions
Endorsing love in the club
Swag sweet somethings
Boom Boom Boom Boom
Generating harmonious music
Without you in my life
I could never catch the right rhythm
Billie Holiday blues I'd feel
If you ever were to think
Of lending me to another.

I'm detained by your impeccable sentiment
Resonating from a bottomless realm 
Hallucinations are easily diluted
At the drop of your right knee
Your soul a symphony I felt.
Grateful for prior days
When your eyes met mine
Conveyed into this intentional union
Captivated am  I?

I am!
Further than what breathes air into my lungs
You are my only desired music
You are the timeless reason in my songs 
Without you I'd lose lyrics
I would've never discover true love
You are my favorite genuine music..

This piece was inspired by musiq videos off vh1 soul that I love & words that were on my mind.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

True to the Faith

Busy Bodies
Gossiping on the side
Hissing rumors stuck
Like tobacco chew
Malicious lies unlocked
Extracted from a broken shoe
Defining the messagener's traits
Of ungodliness
As they perceive Christ lost sheep
Beneath their class
Out of their own self-righteousness
Chatter boxes who's murmurings never rest..

Proudly claiming their sainthood
That they've done their part
In serving with an equal measure
Dispersing kindness to every man
When all the while silently comouflaged
Intentions weren't occassion appropriate
Self-promoting deeds wrapped up with ingratitude
Hypocrites of the kingdom
Who could care less of their fraudulent dispositions
Contentious humans too prideful to change
Naive to the thought their actions
Would NEVER!
Could NEVER!
Stall another's converison or reconverison
To coming back to our Lord
Christians judging non-christians
Masked liars that attend church
Two faced professing embedded
Over their heart lives his Holy Word
Exclaiming Lordie! Lordie! Lordie!
Praise God Almighty!! 

And I want to scream "YOU FOOL!"
The one quick to judge without any credentials
Why wouldn't you mull over the thought
The very brother you have condemn
Could have been you
You could still turn into him
Carma has a way of reincarnating
Who you misjudge now
That later in life
You'll be humbled by your mistakes
Reflective of how you should've been
For fellow sinners 
You pushed away
Hypocrits of the kingdom
Who aren't true the faith!


This piece was inspired by anyone I've ever known that's fallen away from our religion and any religion for that matter. I come from a family of mix christians and I don't disrespect any of them. Because everyone has a testimony & deserves a place to worship.. Everyone deserves to not feel judged for what they believe in ever.